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Continuing our series of reviews for Xanathar's Guide to Everything, I cover the new spells introduced in the supplement. the game and weave togethe r the story experienced by your players. You're the one who keeps it a ll going, a nd this ch a pter is for you. It gives you new rules options, as well as some re fined tools for creating and running adventures and campaigns. It is a supple me nt to the tools and advice offered in the Dungeon Master's Guide. The chapter opens with optiona l rules mean t to help you run cer tai n parts of the game more smoothly. The chapte r the n goes into g reater de pth on severa l topi cse ncounter building, random e ncounte rs, traps, magic items, and downtime-which la rgely relate to how you c reate a nd s tage your adventures. The mate ria l in this chapter is meant to make your life easie r. Ignore anything you find here that doesn't help you, a nd don't hesita te to c us tom ize the things t hat you do use. The game's rules exist to serve you and the games you run. As a lways, make them your own.
TRAPS REVISITED The ruJes for traps in the Dungeon Master's Guide provid e the basic information you need to manage traps at the gam e table. The material here takes a different, more elaborate approach- d escribing traps in terms of their game mechanics and offering guidance on c reating traps f you r own using these new rules. Rather than characterize tr aps as mechanical or magical, these rules separate traps into two other categories: s imple and complex.
The good news is that Xanathar's adds dozens of new spells to 5e casters, and (discounting SCAG which only gave us a few cantrips) this is the first book to do so since Princes of the Apocalypse. The bad news is that almost all of the EE spells have been reprinted here, the list of truly original spells isn't actually that large. Since some of the EE have been changed slightly since their original publication, I will just bite the bullet and do the entire list.
Xanathar's Guide to Everything is a book full of new sub-classes, rules, spells and more for Dungeons & Dragons. I'm going to go through the book, then talk about the art, then give my overall thoughts. I put most of my favorite pieces of art in this review. Xanathar's Guide introduces common magic items to the game. These are magic items nowhere near as powerful as regular magic items but have a fun, often harmless, power. They're great when giving out loot to players, throwing in a dread helm or a wand of smiles to spice up a bandit's treasure stash beyond just gold and a +1 weapon.
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